Guest Archive

Pictures taken at most of the events listed can be viewed on our Facebook Page.

January 2018

Nat Steele (vibraphone)

Pete Long (saxophones and clarinet)

Jim Mullen (guitar)

February 2018

Liane Carroll (vocals and piano)

Julian Stringle (clarinet and saxophone)

Steve Waterman (trumpet and flugelhorn)

Googlies Quartet Request Night

March 2018

Georgina Jackson (vocals and trumpet) – Cancelled due to weather

Adam Glasser (harmonica and piano)

Dave O’Higgins (saxophone)

Ian Shaw (vocals and piano)

April 2018

Art Themen (saxophones)

Nigel Price (guitar)

Alan Barnes (saxophones and clarinet)

Roger Beaujolais (vibraphone)

May 2018

Tina May (vocals)

Simon Allen (saxophones)

Bruce Adams (trumpet and flugelhorn)

Simon Spillett (saxophones)

Seven Aside (Googlies own septet)

June 2018

Jacqui Hicks (vocals)

Jimmy Hastings (saxophones)

Georgina Jackson (vocals and trumpet)

Vasilis Xenopoulos (saxophones)

July 2018

Terry Smith (guitar) & Pete Whittaker (organ)

Karen Sharp (saxophones)

Nat Steele (vibes)

Allison Neale (alto sax & flute)

August 2018

Anita Wardell (vocals)

Googlies Quartet with Dave Barnes

Mike Piggott (violin)

Pete Long (saxophones & clarinet)

Steve Waterman (trumpet & flugelhorn)

September 2018

Liane Carroll (vocals & piano)

Nigel Price (guitar)

Derek Nash (saxophones)

Adam Glasser (harmonica)

October 2018

Art Themen (saxophones)

Karen Lane (vocals)

Simon Spillett (saxophones)

Seven Aside (Googlies own septet)

November 2018

Julian Stringle (saxophones & clarinet)

Alan Barnes (saxophones & clarinet)

Trudy Kerr (vocals)